Sustainable waste management practices are the need of the day and the future. With the hike in fuel prices, degradation of the related environmental aspects and depletion of the land available for dumping, it is vital for authorities to start looking into sustainable ways of managing large quantities of waste. Failing to do so will, in the near future, become an unmanageable crisis and put managing authorities in a position where they will be deemed unprogressive and insensitive towards their corporate social responsibilities.
An ideal management system for waste is the one where there is less transport to the dumping sites. This means that waste is managed at the source level where most of its fractions are seen as potential resource that can be circulated back into the economy.

What We Did Today!

We received 10 tons of your waste today. Here is what we did with it!

Organic Waste Converted to Compost 60%
Plastic/ Metal/ Paper Recycled 25%
Trash Sent To Dumps 15%

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This initiative turned my environment of Housing Society like heaven on Earth. Really great Initiative.
Assan Ticket (pvt) Limited
Arif Hussain Assan Ticket (pvt) Limited
Bohut he achi services day rahy han. I love it
Himalaya Housing Society
Farhan Ali Himalaya Housing Society

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